Multiplexer and encoder for DAB and DAB+

Multiplexing and encoding system for DAB and DAB+ transmissions

ITEL Multiplexer and encoder for DAB and DAB+


Product available

The system is made by a multiplexer with EDI and ETI output with Time stamp for SFN networks ready to be connected to the transmitter. In the same unit are also present the encoders DAB and DAB+ that can receive the audio and metadata from streaming dedicated from the radio stations. The encoders are also able to send in PAD data the SLS and slide show, that is additional images could be transmitted together with audio.
The platform of encoding and multiplexing is handled by a simple and intuitive web interface from which you can control all the parameters.
The same headend controls the various processes restarting in case of fault and sending alarm emails.
In the encoder is available as option a 6 band audio processor with loudness controll ITU1770.

Input audio from streaming and IdEnc with audio changeover possibility.

Output EDI unicast e multicast over IP network or ETI (optional) on E1/T1 interface

SFN ready

DAB and DAB+ coding

Samplerate: DAB 24, 48KHz DAB+ 32 , 48 KHz

Datarate: 8 - 192 Kbit

Server in one unit with SSD disk

Double ethernet interface, one for input audio streaming data and one for output EDI stream

Email sender for alarms

Backup and restore of configuration

Firmware update from GUI

Dual redundant power supply (optional)